Who we are

Natalia with gecko

Natalia Huang (Principal Ecologist)

Natalia has been lucky enough to work in the environmental and wildlife conservation field for over ten years. She pursues ecological investigations which provide the most effective assessment based on good science and individual project needs and resources. This results in the best possible solutions for land development in conjunction with environmental protection.
Her area of expertise and passion is terrestrial fauna (wildlife), with her life’s work driven by biodiversity conservation. Her experience in public community, NGO, government, zoo, and private sectors give her the ability to understand the needs of various stakeholders. Natalia coordinates all projects for Ecology Matters and is on the Board for Society of Conservation Biology, Asia Section.



Zoologists, Botanists, Arborists and Ecologists

We have a fantastic team of talented zoologists, botanists, arborists and ecologists based in Singapore with expertise in local fauna and flora. They include local experts in each fauna group (odonates, butterflies, fish, frogs, reptiles, birds, mammals), experts in plant identification and flora assessments, arborists with expertise in tree health assessment, and general ecologists with experience in EIAs. Our zoologists, botanists, arborists and ecologists are qualified with a minimum Bachelor of Science and/or decades of experience in their fields.