What we do

Bird surveys as part of an EIA

Bird surveys as part of an EIA

Some services that we cheerily provide are:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA)

  • Fauna surveys (covering odonates, butterflies, fish, frogs, reptiles, birds, and mammals)
  • Assess impacts of development on fauna based on ecological principles
  • Internationally-recognised impact assessment process
  • Recommend alternative designs and mitigation measures
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management and Monitoring Program (EMMP)
  • Work closely with botanist and arborist to assess impacts to flora and trees and provide impact assessment to ecology as a whole
  • Project management of entire EIA
  • Professional report preparation
  • Work closely with clients to ensure development has minimal impact on ecology
  • Liaise with nature community groups



Camera trap used to survey mammals

Wildlife/Ecological advice

  • Provide wildlife advice towards planning projects and architect teams
  • Provide advice on habitat enhancement to attract fauna
  • Provide advice on wildlife management


  • Professional writing and editing for EIA or other environmental-related topic

Ecology Matters engages its associate scientists from Singapore and internationally to ensure we create our best work for our clients and the world, including local biology experts in specific fauna groups. Email us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.